Q: Do I need to have an FFL (Federal Firearms License) to purchase a gun from this site?
A: No. However, you need to have an FFL holding address which we can ship the firearm to. We can not ship a firearm to a home or work location that is not the address on an FFL.

Q: How do I get a local FFL to ship my gun to?
A: You will need to find a FFL holder in your area. This can be done by using google, or simply knowing of a gun store near you. You will need permission to have a gun shipped to their store – this is usually accompanied by a small transfer fee from the store. A copy of their FFL will need to be signed and either: mailed, faxed, or emailed, to us here at Bullets and Bows. The FFL copy must be easily read. The FFL owner’s contact name, phone number and address must be on the FFL copy.

Q: Do you do transfers for other firearms?
A: Yes we do. A transfer is where you do not purchase the gun directly from us, only use us to either receive a gun from someone in our area, or ship a gun to someone in our area. A transfer is accompanied by a Transfer Fee of $35. We do not cover shipping.

Q: Do you have a physical store location?
A: Yes we do. We are located at 8801 Williams School Rd, Needvill Texas 77461.  Our mailing location for FFL’s that need to be sent to us . PO Box 1673 Needville Texas 77461

Q: Do you have a Class 3 License for automatic weapons?
A: No, we are not licensed by the ATF to Deal NFA weapons.

Q: Can I purchase ammo by mail?
A: Yes, if you are over 21 for pistol ammunition and 18 for long gun ammunition. We can ship it directly to your home address. An adult, age 21 or over, will need to be present at the time of delivery to sign for it.

Q: Can you special order an item for me?
A: Yes we can. Please email us with your request using our “Contact Us” page.

Q: Do you accept gun trades?
A: No we do not through the website. We do accept them in person at our store location. You must bring the gun in to be appraised.

Q: Can you backorder an Out of Stock product?
A: No we cannot. You may put an Out of Stock item on your Wish List though.

Q: If a product is "Out of Stock" on the website, can you find it through another distributor?
A: Yes. Send an email to sales@rockingrgunsmith.com containing a complete description of the product that you are looking for. We will check with other distributors of ours and let you know. Be Advised: the price of the item is possible to change with the distributor. We will inform you of the price difference if there is one.